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Our Approach

Be it in private life or in business, integrity remains the ultimate badge of honor. Coming from a time when business was conducted on a hand shake as a seal of recipricol respect; excellent workmanship and customer service were an implicit part of any bond made on this foundation; a matter of personal and professional pride! This remains at the root of Gem-kin Construction business practice.

Our Story

Gem-Kin Construction started very humbly in 1982 as a family business, on a limited budget, working from a beat-up old truck, a few trowels and a dream. Like so many European immigrant success stories, Gem-Kin Construction grew from nothing more than hard work, quality workmanship and dependable customer service . . . and of course; starting and finishing with a LOT of hand shakes!

A Few Good Reasons To Go With Us . . .


You Can Count On Us . . .

Having worked with many of the major builders and designers in the GTA to have had them repeatedly return to us to get the job done right - we are confident we can do the same for you.

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We Know What We're Doing . . .

Being in business and staying in business in a very competitive market for over 35 years, says something about how we work and conduct yourself in business.

Gem-kin Construction

And, Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!

Our employees are trained, qualified and safety certified. We stand by our work 100%. If you need references, please click here to see our testimonials.

We're here for you!

If you need stucco work to be done . . . We're just a phone call away!