Exterior Stucco Applications

  • Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) - Read More
  • Exterior Mouldings
  • Direct Applied Stucco
  • Stucco Restoration
  • Exterior Soffits with venting

Interior Finish Applications

  • Interior Mouldings
  • Textured Sprayed Ceilings
  • Diamond veneer plaster
  • Non-Combustible Wall Assemblies (metal lath, mineral wool)

Application Related Finishing Details

The application of finishes require:

  • Texture and Colour matching - And/Or
  • Stone Aggregate Finishes
Gem-kin Construction, high, rise, stucco

Rising To The Occasion . . .

The scale of a project can be as much a challenge as the delicacy of the application.


Work done well, keeps on looking good!

Whereas poor workmanship is blatantly obvious; most of the time, work done well goes completely unnoticed because of having been done exceptionally well. It just looks right, not only at first glance but also for decades to come . . . a quiet compliment to who did it!

Gem-kin Construction, soffit, soffits, application

Adding Value . . .

An EIFS stucco system adds value to your property!